Best Serial Killer Telugu Movie

Forensic is the best film that one should watch at any expense. Right off the bat this spine chiller film was made in malayalam after its super hit there, aha has been named into telugu for our darling telugu crowd. You will appreciate the manner in which this film will take off from the smooth to wild and sensational disposition. It’s accessible on aha, so you can watch it whenever and anyplace. The general purpose of the film is to seize the chronic executioner who is ceaselessly murdering young ladies. Aha video constantly as they give you information and engage also. Forensic movie online are clear and reasonable.


The most anticipated film is Forensic, as we held up the film has totally advocated and fulfilled all the crowds who have needed it. You will like the film and will watch it over and over. The entire film spins around how ACP Rithika Xavier and Samuel John Kattookkaaran tackle the instance of the young ladies muder with chronic executioners. There are acceptable, fascinating and solid suspects in the story too. So the story starts in the past where a dad and youngster go to the meat shop, where that influences the child and he likewise executes the little creatures and keeps them in glass containers. Leap to the current where young ladies disappear in the Trivandrum and cops start examination and epic turns are a youngster who is intellectually sick and executes them in an unexpected way. Which was just a suspect, yet the genuine executioner is one among the cops in particular. Who is a councilor. Who has had awful encounters before and to take out the anger he began executing young ladies. Watch the film to realize how could he begin slaughtering young ladies and what are the specific motivations to murder them, will the police get him right.

Forensic movie online

Technical Aspects:

  • Forensic is actually a high level film, the account of the film itself is exceptionally novel and intriguing which fabricates the interest to watch what will occur straight away.
  • Ambient sounds of the film are very exciting, it constructs the feelings to interface with the film. The anticipation and excites just occurred with the film.
  • The film’s prosperity depends on the cinematography and altering. The shading of the film was awesome, it looked smooth and smooth.

Artist Performance:

  • Tovino Thomas is an intense and solid entertainer which was found in the film, he has invested all the energy to look best.
  • Mamta Mohandas appeared to be unique as she typically does, wonderful to watch.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Tovino Thomas

Actress: Mamta Mohandas

Other actors: Reba Monika John, ThamannaPramod, Giju John, Anil Murali

Director: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

Writer: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

Cinematography: Akhil George

Music Director: James Bejoy

Distributor: Century release

Other Information:

Runtime: 134 minutes

Release date: 28 February 2020

Genre:  Psychological Mystery-Thriller, Investigative.

Aha video like Forensic and get excited. Forensic movie online is accessible on Aha, so watch it.