Were you aware that a Medium and a psychic are two different things completely? Do you understand what a numerologist does? How about an astrologist or a past life regression therapist?

What is a psychic?

Contrary to popular belief, psychics do not speak with the deceased. Psychics are focused on you and your present and previous lives. A session with a psychic can help you understand if you have chosen the perfect career or if it is a great idea to marry a specific person.

What is a medium?

Get this – all mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums best numerologist in india. Who’d have thought?! A medium is a person who can communicate with people who have died. During a session with a medium it is very likely that the medium will offer validating facts. They could pass along information such as your father was tall. I feel around 6’4, or your grandma came through and is saying something about a tiny orange kitten. These are things which may be validated.

What is past life regression therapy?

Typically a person enters into a state of hypnosis and is directed back to a previous incarnation. Past life regression therapy is excellent for men and women that want to learn why specific themes keep coming up in their lifetime, i.e. Poor relationships, fear of water, fear of enclosed spaces, etc.. You might see in an earlier incarnation which you drowned at sea hence your fear of water. Past life regression therapy is a wonderful technique to use so as to discover emotional blocks, to learn the cornerstone of your anxieties, and to better understand how previous incarnations are effecting your present incarnation.

What is a psychic detective?


Psychic detectives can become a valuable element of any police department. Psychic detectives frequently use their psychic ability to get a glimpse at who perpetrated the offense, to lead detectives to where the proof was concealed, and most importantly they can help find missing persons. Some people even go so far as to hire a psychic detective to assist them to find missing things.

What is a numerologist?

A numerologist is somebody who’s ready to take numbers, including your birthday and supply an evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, kind of character, in addition to obstacles that could be coming your way. You do not have to be a psychic to be able to be a numerologist you only have to learn how to analyze the amounts.

What is a medical intuitive?

A medical intuitive is somebody who’s able to diagnose and treat physical issues. They have the ability to have a sense of where the disease can be found in the human body and what it is affecting. Some medical intuitive will put their hands over your body and do a quick scan. Often times when they have landed a symptom their hands will start to heat up.